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Large stock photos and videos have been shown to increase engagement and conversions for website visitors. They provide an interactive platform to impress potential clients who may just be surfing for a quick answer to a problem they want to solve on their own.

Stock sites such as Shutterstock, Bigstock, and iStock are some of the larger sites in the vast stock asset industry. They offer a massive library (through a searchable online database) with high quality assets that you can pay a premium rate for. SC Tech recently got selected to sell images non-exclusively through Bigstock and iStock. We now have a portfolio on both sites dedicated to original images taken by our staff.

All these images are shots based around the Southern California culture and lifestyle. Ranging from local grown fruit at a farmer’s market to coastal nature shots, these images can now be purchased for other designers and artists to use for creative assignments at a lower cost than it would be if they were to hire a photographer. Here are some of those examples (as well as the image above):






SC Tech recently expanded its services to photography and video production in order to double-down on our “one-stop shop” philosophy. In doing so, we figured the best way to start promoting these assets was to sell them non-exclusively through stock sites. This is also good SEO practice for us, opening up a new avenue for clients to find us online.

Designers developing new websites are looking for authenticity in their photos or videos. Obvious stock photos such as corporate handshakes, light bulbs, and business people in suits have proven to lose visitors on company’s sites. Cliche photography/video shows that a company lacks the potential to create innovative ideas and fresh concepts.


Good designers will almost always recommend not going down the route of using obvious stock assets on their website. Some will even suggest hiring a professional photographer or videographer to fully encompass your brand, because it demonstrates more authenticity to your competitors. Think about it this way – if you are searching for a local service and find three websites that offer all the same services, there’s a good chance that the branding or media assets will be shared between the three sites. To take it even a step further, imagine all those prices are consistent as well. Now what do you look for?

It is important to make those particular clients who want to stand out from their competitors a reality. Marketing clients in this unique way is important to the foundation of design and user experience. It gives credibility to your product/service with an a personal touch of authenticity.

If you’re interested in photography or video for your own website, check out our portfolio on iStock and on Bigstock. We also provide our own custom services to make you stand from the competitors. Call us today!  

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