API development strategies to work with popular sites and apps

API Development

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a technology that enables applications to communicate with each other. API development is the process of integrating with 3rd party APIs as well as building APIs that allow integration with other applications. This service is most commonly requested from our clients.

Access and share information between applications with API development

APIs have reshaped how businesses share information with consumers, as well as other businesses. They can expand the scope of a company’s assets, allowing them to be resold in order to generate revenue, re-shared to allow integrations, and reused to expand the reach of an application. The number of public APIs is constantly increasing. ProgrammableWeb has a directory of APIs that exceeds 15,000, all available to access.

Applications like IFTTT allow access to a large selection of APIs from popular applications, creating an interface for people with no API development background to access and share information between applications. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for consumers, which will likely cause them to expect APIs from applications that they use and reject apps that don’t have open interfaces that share data with other applications. Now is the time to start developing an API for your company. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help take you or take your company to the next level.

What are the advantages of API Development?


The possibilities

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon all have their own APIs which allow for integration with personal and business applications. By allowing their information to be accessed by other applications, they open up a range of prospects for expansions of their platforms. API development may allow for the expansion of an application into a full-fledged platform that could possibly become an integral part of a larger market.

According to Layer 7, 85% of large companies will have API programs in 5 years. Since it is an emerging market, it would be valuable to contribute to the growing demand by businesses, consumers, and developers.


Less effort for better results

APIs reduce development time by using functionality that has already been established by other companies. APIs are accessible both privately and publicly. Private APIs can connect businesses to other businesses or their customers and restrict access from others, while a public API allows access to anybody that would like to use it. Either way, API integration saves time and effort by working with methods that have already been tested and approved.


Flexibility and scaling

Having an API created for your business enables third-party developers to expand your application. Additional features could make up a new API, extend an existing API, or exist independently. A solid API foundation establishes a precedent for developers to embed your data into their applications. Allowing data to be embedded into other products can open up additional avenues for new customers and revenue. Interested?

API Development Work

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