Wordpress websites with custom templates

Custom Wordpress Sites

Wordpress is a publishing platform that powers more than 24% of the web. Custom Wordpress websites allow for theme development to occur simultaneously with changes to the content that are made in the dashboard. Our team’s past Wordpress projects include installation, theme development, theme modifications, implementation, and the addition of any necessary plug-ins.

Custom WordPress websites by Southern California Technology Group

Custom WordPress Websites Make the Web go ‘Round

The number of web pages users that utilize WordPress continues to grow annually. As it has aged from when it started in 2003, it has added rich features and abilities that make it more than just a blogging platform. Now it acts as one of the most powerful CMS that has endless opportunities for users. The community, number of plugins, and scope of what can be accomplished are constantly expanding and making the platform better than ever.

WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes.


What are the advantages of Custom Wordpress Sites?


Having control of your content

Does your business need to make updates to the content of its website constantly? Custom WordPress websites make it easier than ever to view, edit, add, and remove content in an easy web interface that is accessible with any browser and an internet connection.


It's Free

WordPress is an open-source project, meaning that the original source code is available for anyone to be redistributed and modified. This allows anybody to edit the code as they see fit and share those changes with the community. Any frustrations with user features can also be addressed and solved publicly by the community.

It is absolutely free to download and implement, which is a major benefit to people who want a rich content management system for updating their website. It also eliminates expensive CMS or even having one custom built for their particular project.


Customization is simple

With over 17 million websites on the web that are using WordPress, chances are that you regularly view a website that is utilizing it in some way. There are large catalogs of various themes and plugins that are either free or for purchase that make customization really easy. In fact, there are nearly 48,000 plugins and approximately 10,000 themes available for WordPress, making the possibilities of customization endless. There’s even documentation for theme development, which provides an excellent resource for developers to create an entirely custom WordPress site for you or your business.

Custom Wordpress Sites Work

Need a Custom Wordpress Website? We've Got You Covered.

Wordpress is such an excellent content management system that we use it in a majority of our web design projects. Our team understands how it works, and how to make it work for you. Let's start building a website that is easy to manage today!

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