HTML email design for mailing lists and newsletters

HTML Email Design

Our team designs, codes, and fully tests email templates used for marketing campaigns of all sizes. Utilizing a very detailed testing procedure with over 40 email clients and devices, we can make your emails responsive in order to accurately display correctly on every device.

What are the advantages of HTML Email Design?


Visual Communication

During an email marketing campaign, you want to catch the recipient’s attention and persuade them to take action. Plain text emails, when they are not sent from your contacts, can appear to be spam or lacking in aesthetics. HTML Email Design, when done correctly, is much more effective at catching the recipient’s attention.

Making your emails match the rest of your company’s branding is a way to use the trust that you have built in order to get them interested in your message. It can also help build assurance so they feel familiar with a product whenever they come across it.



HTML Email Design gives you the opportunity to better organize and display information to the recipient. There are many HTML components for specific information that look much more natural than trying to replicate the effect in a plain text email. Tables, lists, formatting, and more elements can be implemented to create an engaging email that is visually uncluttered.



Simply put, HTML email design makes your email marketing campaign look official. Plain text communicates a lack of effort or interest in how you are trying to communicate with your audience. Customers have now come to expect an attractive email from the companies that they love the most. Don’t be left in the dust – Contact us now to help you start your next email marketing campaign.

HTML Email Design Work

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