Website QA testing and program bug bounty programs

QA Testing & Bounty Programs

We take code quality, compatibility, usability, and security seriously. Depending on the sensitivity of each website project, we devise a custom plan for each of our clients.

QA & Bug Bounty Services are Your Strongest Safety Net from Big Mistakes

Ensuring that the quality of the work done on your web project is vital to appearing professional. Small mistakes can snowball into big problems if they slip by unnoticed. By implementing quality assurance and bug bounty programs, you make sure to prevent these issues before they set you back big time.

Important quality assurance and bug bounty program results

Standards should always be set high for the quality of the work you are paying for. It is important to get the results that you want the first time when there are budgets and timeframes that cannot be exceeded. Our team is able to guarantee quality work because we have established a quality assurance system that has been very successful in preventing situations that could be devastating had they been allowed to get by unnoticed.

What are the advantages of QA Testing & Bounty Programs?


Consistent quality

In order to succeed, businesses need to set a standard of high quality work. QA Testing and bounty programs are strategies for identifying and eliminating errors and inconsistencies before an official release. Preventing issues before they go live is necessary to portray your company as one that prioritizes quality assurance. Rewarding users that discover bugs helps to quickly locate issues and address them without requiring a contractor to constantly be testing.


More efficiency all around

Meeting product deadlines and deliveries are crucial for satisfying customers. Releasing a product that does not function properly frustrates users and likely ensures that they will not return. This is why it is crucial to have a system that grants features to be tested during development allowing for releases to be on time and free from issues.


The money not spent

Mistakes can be a huge waste of time and money. A report released by The Systems Sciences Institute at IBM concluded that the cost of fixing an error after release was four to five times more expensive than fixing it during the design stage. Identifying and eliminating issues as soon as possible saves money and prevents larger problems down the line.

QA Testing & Bounty Programs Work

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