Wireframing and prototyping services for website and program development and design

Wireframing & Prototyping

As part of our user-centered website design approach, we use prototyping to plan and build each of our website projects.

What are the advantages of Wireframing & Prototyping?


It is efficient

Many projects require efforts from professionals with a variety of skills to come together to build a remarkable product. When a client sees a finished design, they are seeing the result of considerable time and effort. If the vision isn’t clear during production then the result of each individual’s work could lead to poor results. Wireframing and prototyping provide a structure for the team to follow to and accomplish a common goal.

A wireframe or prototype allows the client to get an idea of the design or function of something, allowing them to express whether or not it is headed in the right direction before the team has finished the project. Without offering this service to a client, a design agency is effectively creating more work by accepting altercations only after the team has delivered a product that they consider to be complete.


You end up with a better product

Wireframes and prototypes allow for test runs to determine if concepts of the functionality and design meet the expectations of the client. Oftentimes it can be difficult to conceptualize the intricacies of a project in early stages. Well-timed wireframing and prototyping stages allow for issues to become apparent and eliminated during crucial points in the development process. This means that by the time the project is complete, many of the complications will have been worked out and everyone will be pleased with the result.


It saves you money

When a business is investing in a new project with a contractor or agency they expect to get quality work for a good cost. Some contractors and agencies cut corners with the idea that rushing a project will save time and money, making both the client and customer happy. Unfortunately, this opens the door to a wide array of issues that can lead to an inferior product. These issues cost more money for the client because they either have to pay the initial contractor or client more money to fix issues that should have already been addressed or they have to find a new design agency that will do the job correctly. Wireframing and prototyping act as preventative measures to avoid these costly mistakes.

Wireframing & Prototyping Work

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