Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Since Neato connected robot vacuums with smartphones, they have also added an Apple watch app, integration with Amazon Alexa, and a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Telling your robot to clean your home is now easier than ever, so they wanted to show it off on their website.

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Neato robots work with smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger Chatbot

The Challenge

Show off all of the integrations of Neato robots with smart home devices. Neato is pushing to extend leadership in the smart home and it is important to them to display this on their site. We needed to make sure that we were able to properly market these smart home products.

Our Approach

Utilize imagery of the Amazon Alexa and the Facebook Messenger Chatbot with the products, along with callouts of text that exhibit the unique selling points. We wanted to encourage potential customers to add this to their smart home setup.

Demonstration of Neato Robots With Smart Home Devices

Neato’s line of Connected robots continues to grow as the market for robot vacuums demands more ways to automate and interact with your robotic vacuum. With the launch of their Botvac Connected robot, Neato gave its customers the opportunity to begin cleaning their home from a smartphone app. Now, two additional robots have been added to the Botvac Connected series of robots and new ways of interacting with these robots have also been added.

Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger Chatbot Showcase

At the request of Neato, we created a smart home feature for their website on the page for the Botvac Connected series of robots. In this feature, there are images of the Amazon Echo devices and an image of an iPhone showcasing a user interacting with their robot via Facebook’s Messenger app. We also include callout text to showcase each of the “smart home” device integrations and disclaimers for which robots work with which devices.

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