Avast Animated Banners

Animated graphics are commonly used for targeted advertising across the web. Our team created a series of animated banners for Avast to use for web-based marketing that portrayed their brand as an innovative tech company that you can trust.

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Who made Avast Banner Advertisements


Winter 2018


Custom Website Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Material Design



The Challenge

Create a series of animated graphics that portray Avast Antivirus as an enterprising technology anti-malware vendor that will attract new customers.

Our Approach

Our team uses graphics software, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating animated banner ads. We decided to keep them short and to make them seem interactive.

Creating the Animations

Each graphic is made using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Graphics are edited in Photoshop to fit the specifications required for each size and variations. The first step is to build the structure in HTML and add all of the elements. Next, we use CSS for styling, positioning, interactions, and some animation. Finally, we use JavaScript for interactions, development, and animations.

The Result

After working hard to meet customer request with some adjustments, the final product was a success. We delivered Avast animated HTML advertisement banners that highlight the sophistication of their brand. Included were many banners of different variations and sizes that were both interactive and promotional.

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