Avast Video Advertisements

Short video advertisements are a great way to advertise on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Avast wanted to update some of the information in their video advertisements and also promote a new campaign tagline.

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Avast Video Ad "Protecting your digital life."


Winter 2018


Marketing Material Design, Social Media Marketing



The Challenge

Avast sent us Adobe After Effects files of previous video advertisements. We must make changes to these files to include the new info. We also have to update the audio track for the voice over, change the text, and edit some of the nodes to work better with the text.

Our Approach

Avast’s tagline for these videos is “Protecting Your Digital Life”. It makes sense to show people out in public using devices, like a smartphone, to express a digital lifestyle. The back layer video shows people that are out and using devices. The text has to travel with the nodes. We have to make some changes to the node animations to better display the new text.

Video Editing and Exporting

The list that Avast gave us has the sizes and settings. The video advertisements will need to be changed for some of the sizes. Social media platforms have their own requirements. There are two versions of each ad, one featuring a man and one featuring a woman. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter video advertisements are created to the specifications. In all, there were over 32 videos that were created.

Custom Video Advertisements and Marketing Material

Branding is important in building trust with your customers. Having a consistent style and messaging across all marketing platforms conveys a vision to your audience. SC Tech Group offers services that are beneficial to brands seeking to have a consistent and modern look and feel in their marketing campaigns.

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