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After receiving many positive reviews about their product, Neato Robotics needed somewhere to display the awards on their site. Together, we created a page to act as a trophy case for the accolades that they received from a variety of media outlets.

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Neato Robotics awards and recognition page


Winter 2016


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The Challenge

Prior to this redesign, the layout was rather primitive. The launch of the Botvac Connected brought even more awards to the showcase and created an avenue to showcase them on a dedicated section of the website.

Our Approach

Of the options we presented to Neato, they chose a grid display, giving visual hierarchy to the awards with associated quotes or links. This visual style would allow Neato to expand on the page with more awards without any additional development time. Our goal was to make the page easy to navigate, visually appealing, and consistent with Neato’s style.

Original Design

The original design was divided into categories based on the robot vacuum series. The mixture of content lengths led to some gaps, and like an actual trophy shelf, we didn’t want too much empty space. In addition to issues with the spacing, inconsistency with links or quotes could be confusing to the user.

Final Design

By removing captions and categories, we cleared some of the clutter on the page. This new layout makes it easy for the user to view the awards Neato has received for their products and allows the user to find more information if necessary.

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Quoting Article Modal

Some awards have quotes from the articles that Neato wanted to display.  Those would display in a modal overlaid on the current content and allow the user to decide if they would like to read the entire article or close the modal and continue browsing Neato’s awards. External links are opened in a new tab so that the user is not navigated away from Neato’s site.

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