Bobby’s Coffee Shop Menu Redesign

Bobby’s Coffee Shop is a staple of Woodland Hills. As a local business, Bobby’s prides itself on their friendly atmosphere and traditional American dining experience. Specializing in breakfast, Bobby’s menu delivers your classic American breakfasts along with an impressive lunch menu. Open since 1949, the restaurant caters towards an eclectic array of new customers and everyday regulars.

Bobbys Coffee Shop Los Angeles new front page of menu


Summer 2016


Creative Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Material Design



The Challenge

Bobby’s original menu was outdated and came to us wanting a fresh design that represented a traditional American dining experience. They wanted the traditional logo and menu elements from the very first designed menu with a more organized and modern look to it.

Our Approach

We started with the front page of the menu by re-creating and digitizing any elements that were out-of-date. After redrawing all the logo work in vector format, we started organizing the images and content. Most of the images were older and had items cropped out of the image but with some clever photo-editing, we were able to reuse most of the images and avoid expensive reshoots.

Front Page of Menu

Bobby’s wanted their new menu to include the original logo which featured the words “Bobby’s Coffee Shop”. Our team recreated the logo along and added “open since 1949”, highlighted in a small double pinstripe section, to show off its long-standing reputation.

Bobby’s also wanted to show off their signature “Ranch Breakfast Special” on the cover along with their contact info and Facebook check-in offer. Our intention was to have clear levels of hierarchy to direct customers what to look at and in what order. The food and the logo start as the main focus followed by the contact info and check-in feature.

Red, white, and blue were used to allude to their classic American heritage while the golden background with textured sun rays was used to reference the morning – the best time to eat at Bobby’s.

Re-introduction of Graphic Elements

From the beginning of the project, Bobby’s wanted to pay homage to its original 1949 menu. Aside from the logo on the front page, we wanted to take the design a step further by re-introducing two graphical elements on the first page of the breakfast menu – a retro-style “Good Morning!” typographical element and a landscape/chicken and eggs graphic. Both elements were redrawn and implemented to serve as a pleasant way to start the first page of food items.

Little touches like these are common elements of our designs and help enhance a client’s brand individuality. Going above and beyond is something we pride over here at SC Tech Group. We put in the time and research to make sure we look at each project from every angle.

Paying Homage to Bobby (Back Cover)

The back cover of the menu, which would serve as a dedication page to the founder of the restaurant, required a special design based on suggestions from the client. They supplied us with an old photo and painting of the restaurant and asked us to create a collage of the two along with a small biography.

After cleaning up the old photograph, we superimposed it over the painting in a way that would give proper weight to the restaurant and the photograph. We blended the background of the photography with the texture at the top of the painting and used a transparent to white gradient to transition smoothly into the biographical text. Dummy text was used to give the client an idea of how much room was available for copy and a sense of the typographical styles that would be used.

Bobby’s was overjoyed with the outcome and as thank you, allowed us to display our logo and information on the back of the menu. We made sure to add it in a tasteful and nondistracting way that would feel at home with the overall design of the menu.

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