Botvac Connected Website Relaunch

In 2015, Neato Robotics and SC Technology Group collaborated on a new version of their corporate website to correspond with the launch of a new product, the Botvac Connected.

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The Challenge

Redesign the Neato website and make it fully responsive, mobile-enabled, and device independent. The redesign would also include the addition of new features, including a new How-To Videos section. This overhaul was also to be fully translatable among a wide variety of nations and languages.

A rapidly expanding state-side marketing campaign coinciding with the launch led to many updates and the need to develop additional pages at Neato’s request. Our improved architecture of the site allowed for the rapid deployment of these additional pages on-budget and on-time for time-sensitive campaigns.

Our Approach

Create a site that emphasized Neato’s quirky but technical individuality. We used the product packaging as our main source of inspiration to deliver a clean, stylized, and minimalist approach that kept a consistent browsing experience across the site. By thinking in terms of “mobile first,” SC Tech Group was able to construct a responsive platform that could access Neato’s deep library of support and media. The site, in turn, became a crucial part of Neato’s online strategy and marketing for their new product.

Responsive Abstractions

We wanted to work hand-in-hand with Neato during each stage of the process and by using abstractions we were able to show how the site layout would adjust to smaller screens and mobile devices.

This process helped us focus in on the architecture and structure of the site before we discussed the content itself, and kept the “mobile-first” concept in harmony with Neato’s marketing department.

Functional Abstractions

Once we finalized the layout, we begun detailing the functionality of pages. Our goal was to not only look at the types of content we would have in each area of a page but the overall intention of that area. For example, the “Testimonials” area contains quotes and videos from reputable sources about the product and the intention of this area is to establish trust between the brand and the customer.

Using simplified wireframes in this stage helped Neato visualize the flow of content on their site without getting distracted by stock photography or color schemes of a final mock up.

Website Development

Our goal was to create a user experience that not only reflected Neato’s unique brand, but also displayed their products as fun, futuristic, and easy-to-use.

Building a custom modular system gave us and the client more flexibility when implementing extra features later in the development stage.

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