Botvac D3 & D5 Connected Relaunch

The Botvac D3 & D5 Connected robots are smart robots that get orders from a smartphone app. They are the latest addition to the Botvac Connected series of robots from Neato Robotics.

The new website keeps most of the structure from before but has major updates to the design.

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Updating the website of Neato Robotics for the Botvac D3 & D5 Connected Robots

The Challenge

Alter the design of the entire website without making too many adjustments to the structure of the website. The project needs to be completed before the release of the new products.

Our Approach

Our team wants the website to have a brand new look but also wants the website to be ready to coincide with the launch of the new robots. First, we create the new pages. Then we make the changes to the style. Finally, we evaluate the rest of the site and make any additional changes.

The Homepage

For Neato’s new products the entire homepage would get a complete redesign. They want to show off the new robots in their Botvac Connected series. Much of the content would remain the same but would be displayed differently. Additional features, such as a slider that showcases each of their most popular robots, are also added. The new homepage takes on all of the style changes and dicates the look for the rest of the website.


Our team uses SASS to compile CSS for the style of Neato’s website. We add the new properties to existing variables that we use in our SASS files. This saves us time from having to replace many properties individually. Because of this, we are able to update fonts, colors, and other properties in no time at all. This allows us to give more focus to other areas of the project.

Robot Vacuums pages

The Robot Vacuums page now features the robot in the Connected series. A sub-navigation menu is added to the page so that visitors can still find robots from the D series, as well as accessories. The new design for the page focuses on showing off all of the features of the Connected series robots and provides visitors with places to purchase them.

Remaining Pages

The design of the pages on the rest of the website are determined by the design of the completed pages. There are a few issues on some pages because of the new styles, so we address those first. Then, our team works on making changes that make the new pages work well with the rest of the site.

Before & After

Here you see the evolution of the homepage after the relaunch. With additional robots that can be controlled through Wi-Fi in the Neato family, the focus is clear.

Before, the homepage for Neato focused solely on the Botvac Connected robot. Now it focuses on the robots in the Connected series.



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