Botvac D7 Connected Product Launch

The Botvac D7 Connected is Neato’s smartest robot vacuum yet! The latest addition to their product line sets new standards for robovacs. Our goal is to make sure to represent the product in Neato’s vision. We got it all set up so that the site was ready for the product launch.

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Neato Botvac D7 Connected Website

The Challenge

There is a lot that goes into the launch of a new product for Neato, and this time was not an exception. New images, translated copy, prices, and distributors are only a few of the things that we have to worry about. Luckily, we have done this before and we already have a plan developed for handling a product launch for Neato.

Our Approach

We start by gathering assets like images and text content. Next, we set up the product and add the info. Then we add all translations of the copy. We always have to make sure it’s showing up the way we want it to. After QAing and making sure we have everything to make it display correctly, we have Neato verify before finally going live.

Homepage Redesign

The homepage is always a priority for a new product launch. The top hero section always requires an update for big announcements. A new slide must be added to the slideshow. Also, the images on all of the other sections of the homepage must be updated.

The hero section needs a new background. We also have to add a new product logo. There’s usually updated copy that comes with it as well. The button sends visitors to the page for the new product.

Series and Product Pages

The series and product pages are also revamped. The new robot vacuum gets added on the series page. The price, feature list, and reviews are all set to display. On the Comparison page, we add a column for the Botvac D7 Connected. We make sure it only shows for the right regions. The features list is examined to make sure the right info is being shown to the customer.

The product page needs to be filled in, too. There are specific robot details added to the specifications tab. The documentation tab is updated for the new product. Reviews, distributors, and images are added. New video content is set to display. We verify the price and set it up to make it easy for customers to buy the robot vacuum.

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