Cleaning Schedules and Checklists Blog

With Neato gaining more traffic with the release of their new robots on top of their site relaunch, a blog containing downloadable schedules and checklists was deemed most appropriate for the beginning of spring. SC Tech published this blog for them along with designing another custom hero that correlated with the content on the page.

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Cleaning schedules and checklists blog

The Challenge

To publish another blog that was to be displayed after Neato was receiving heavy loads of traffic. It had to flow with the current theme of Neato’s relaunch as well as resonate with an audience that was entering into spring cleaning season.

Our Approach

We first laid out all the content in a way that was easy to find the schedule or chart corresponding to it’s title and content. We then had to design another hero to catch a reader’s interest upon first landing on the page. Our designer’s mocked-up a simple idea that showcased the theme of the blog along with Neato’s new connected bot.

Hero Intention

The idea behind this custom designed hero, besides showcasing the new connected bot, was to make a point that the blog was about cleaning schedules and checklists. Emphasizing the words alone in orange with large check marks to the right was how we stressed it visually.

We added two common house-hold items that were placed in the back with very low opacity. Not only does this help fill out the hero, but adds that extra touch that you don’t notice upon first glance. It lets the audience know that every page published for Neato will have 100% detail given to it.

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