Dog & Cat Video Advertisements Showcase

Neato has some really great video advertisements for their products. We created a page on their website to showcase these ads. The result is a great place for Neato to share all of the ads that they have made.

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Advertisements for Botvac Connected Series

The Challenge

Neato wanted a page that acts as an archive for all of their advertisement videos. They expected the layout and user interface to be simple and easy to use.

Our Approach

We created the structure using Bootstrap’s HTML and CSS framework with some additional styles to match Neato’s branding. To help the header of the page stand out and introduce the ads below, we added a small video clip from the ads on an infinite loop.

Highlighting the Video Advertisements

Neato has created multiple marketing pushes with video advertisements to coincide with new releases of robots and features to their customers. At first, Neato only had created a single series of advertisements. They had us create some creative custom pages for those videos. However, after Neato created another series of video advertisements, they wanted us to make a page that holds all of their advertisements so that visitors have a place to find their advertisements. Users select a video, which is displayed as a thumbnail image with the title below. Then, a modal pops up over the content to present the video player. This modal is a consistent feature throughout their site, so it makes the page consistent with the rest of the website while still having some creative things that make it really stand out.

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