Neato Engineers Love a Challenge Blog

Neato wanted to post a blog that they wrote, about two challenges that their engineers and former employees entered their revolutionary robots in. NASA’s Sample Return Robot Challenge and the wildy popular Battlebots TV series were the contests that the bots were put to work in different scenarios outside of their normal household duties. SC Tech had to publish all the given content and create a captivating illustration for the hero.

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Neato Engineers Love a Challenge blog

The Challenge

To create and publish a blog that dealt with Neato and their robots outside of their business. Being hosted on two extremely large levels, we made sure accuracy and artistry were right on point. The post also needed an original illustration in the hero to catch the reader’s attention at a first glance.

Our Approach

After publishing all their content, we focused on their responsive hero. We gave it a large title along with an illustration of a robotic arm. We wanted to keep it clean and simple do to the dense amount of information copy that was included in the post.

Clean and Simple

Given the very informative copy, we wanted to give the readers a chance to breath before diving into the content. With no imagery, the content can be overwhelming to look at for a particular audience who doesn’t find an interest in reading right away. We solved this by a simple illustration and title behind a gray background.

The illustration of the robotic arm is as simplistic as possible, leaving lots of room for you to imagine what the connected claw could be used for. It coincides with the title “Neato Engineers Love a Challenge” by letting the mind have a go at deciphering what the blog could potentially be about.

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