Enterprise Secure Key Management (ESKM)

HPE Security – Data Security wanted to integrate an existing page on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s website into their website. The webpage highlights the features of this new hardware security product alongside images, video, and resources.

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Autumn 2016


Web & Mobile Development, Custom Wordpress Sites, Custom Programming, Content Management Systems


Data Protection,
Information Technology

The Challenge

Integrate Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s existing ESKM page into the HPE Security – Data Security website.

Our Approach

Use the existing modules on the HPE Security – Data Security website to layout the content from the existing Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s ESKM page with an emphasis on readability and flow.

Matching to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Page

We first started with the hero section of the page and replaced the HPE sub-navigation tabs with a relevant hero image, title, and description of the new product. We used a key icon from the Streamline icon pack because the product is related to encryption keys and security. Below the hero, we added a sub navigation section that pertained to this particular product and matched the style guidelines throughout the existing website.



Transferring Layouts

Using our existing modules, we were able to match the alternating paragraph/image layout with HPE’s existing page. This is a common technique for delivering a low-resistance visual flow as the user reads down the page. Finally, we used our full-width video module to showcase HPE’s video in HPE Security – Data Security’s branding style. The combination of white-space and alternating background colors gives the user time to breathe in between the alternating┬ásections of content.



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