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Voltage is a world-leader in data security and encryption services. HP acquired Voltage Security because of Voltage’s proven data-centric encryption and tokenization technology that complements HP Atalla, HP’s information security, and encryption business. The result is an expanding of HP’s offerings in data protection capabilities.

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The Challenge

In 2014, Voltage Security approached SC Technology Group for a complete redesign. They wanted a user-friendly, yet sufficiently feature-rich site that had room for the vast amount of content and resources which they provide to their customers. One month before launch, HP (a fortune 500 company) acquired Voltage Security, eventually renaming and rebranding the company. SC Tech Group had to act fast in order to re-skin and adjust styling techniques under HP’s guidelines in order to keep their expected launch date.

Our Approach

To start, we wanted to create a site that was responsive, simple to navigate, and informative. On the front end, we wanted to introduce the concept of online security to users who might not be familiar with the services. While on the back-end, our design team made it easy for current users on-the-go to access the information on the various products, services, and resources offered.


We dissected all the content needed and visually represented an abstraction of how their new homepage was going to be laid-out. This process helped maintain the architectural structure first without being concerned about their corrected content.


Once the abstraction was approved, we molded the first stage of development into wireframes. This stage helped HPE Security – Data Security visualize the flow of content on their site without getting distracted by photography or infographics.

Guideline Changes Challenges

Adjusting new guidelines took more than than just changing colors and shapes. Being a Fortune 500 Company, HP claims a lot of their success from business relationships with other large, name-recognized companies. The new HPE Security – Data Security wanted to be able to emphasize these partners on their site while making their own content accessible and informative.

Our Approach

SC Tech carefully went through all design assets and code to make every minor adjustment perfectly suitable for HP’s world-wide reputation. Our organized development stages not only made HPE Security – Data Security confident with their product but also gave us the opportunity to remain in business with a retainer to facilitate any further updates and improvements to their site.

Infographics Updates

Our designers carefully crafted a series of infographics to visually represent HPE Security – Data Security’s specific data analysis. When the company was acquired by HP, all original assets had to be carefully changed to meet HP requirements.



Website Development

SC Tech had to create a user experience that was both appealing to new customers and simple to navigate through for existing clients. The site strategically embedded videos throughout to maintain the HPE Security – Data Security style while presenting the user with insightful information.

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