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Hewlett-Packard split into two companies in 2015 in order to create a company that focuses on retail customers, and another that is business-oriented. Hewlett-Packard simply became HP Inc., the successor that handles retail customers. Another company was made, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, with four divisions: Enterprise Group, Services, Software, and Financial Services. Voltage’s data protection services were added to HP’s Enterprise division, which moved to Hewlett Packard Enterprise during the split.

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September 2015


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The Challenge

Soon after we finished the HP Security Voltage Redesign when Voltage was acquired by Hewlett-Packard, they split into two companies. Voltage went with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, requiring a rebranding to fit in with the company’s new guidelines. We were informed of this about a month before the acquisition took place and had to work quickly to make the website adhere to the new rules.

Our Approach

Luckily, the HP Security Voltage Reskin had laid out a lot of the groundwork for HPE’s new look. For instance, HP has their own font that they use for all of their products and services that we had already implemented for Voltage. We addressed this, along with other aspects, to systematically deliver¬†a new look efficiently.

HPE Guidelines

We received a Hewlett Packard Enterprise brand guide for HPE Data Security and began reviewing its contents and taking note for what we had to do to successfully accomplish the reskin according to their guidelines. In these guidelines, there was information about how Hewlett-Packard split into two companies and why HP Data Security would now be run by HPE. They also gave us new logos, details on how to use the logos, guidelines for font usage, graphic frames for documents, and much more.

Resource Library

We had been through a few iterations of the resource library at this point. Our team had created it to be flexible, easy to manage, and relatively easy to alter the styling. HPE’s new guidelines did not present us with any problems that we had not already faced before, so we were well prepared to pull off another resource center reskin.

According to the brand guidelines, the resources all needed to be updated with a new look. This meant replacing all of the original files with the new updated files as well as changing the image that is displayed to represent the document that it corresponds with. HPE provided the new files to us, so we extracted cover images from each of the documents and replaced the files with the updated versions.

Along with the changes to the look of the resources, some where categorized differently. We had to create new categories that these resources could be listed as. We also had to slightly change the archive display for all resources, as well as archives for individual categories to comply with the new standards.



HPE Header and Footer

In completing the final touches of the rebrand, a properly branded header and footer was needed to¬†navigate a user to other areas of HPE’s website. In order to maintain consistency and fast page loading speed, SC Tech used JavaScript to dynamically load both the header and footer so that it would always be in sync with the corporate website.

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