In order to create a visual representation of the many features and products offered by HP Security Data, we decided on creating a rich catalog of icons. These would provide a general understanding of the information that accompanies it.

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Voltage inforgraphics


April 2015


Creative Design, Graphic Design


Data Protection,
Information Technology

The Challenge

Designing many icons could prove to be a time consuming task. Our team knew we would need to simplify tasks by using the tools that we already had available.

Our Approach

We had a few graphic packs that included pre-made icon sets, and decided that we could use the Streamline Icon Collection, which allowed us to edit and combine icons from their pack in order to create new ones that worked well for the information that it accompanied.

Editing the Icons

The icon collection was provided to us in a variety of formats. While the collections of various image formats were useful to have, we had to use the Adobe Illustrator files provided to make custom icons using shapes and outlines from the other items in the pack.

We also decided on making a two-tone color scheme initially to match Voltage’s original palette. After Hewlett Packard acquired Voltage, and Voltage became HP Security – Data Security, we were sent a set of branding guidelines from HP stating that iconography can only be one color- HP’s signature blue color.

Logos and Icons

Our graphic design team has created many logos, icons, and graphics for a variety of companies that provide an array of different goods and services. We have the tools and skills required to provide you with excellent design work.

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