When we began working with Voltage, their old site had many infographics containing technical details for their data protection products. Like their website, the design on these graphics were outdated. Our team redesigned all of these assets with a more modern look that would compliment the new design of the website.

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Infographic for HPE Data Security Voltage


April 2015


Creative Design, Graphic Design


Data Protection,
Information Technology

The Challenge

We already had our work cut out for us, building a brand new site for Voltage. We also knew that the overall look and user experience of the website would suffer if we didn’t update the look of these graphics. Our team was limited on time but found it necessary to make these assets match the theme of the website.

Our Approach

We began by gathering all of the old infographic assets from the previous site and sorted them based off of the product suite that they belonged to. Then, we distributed the work to our graphic designers along with a style guide so that the infographics would have a consistent style.

Common Elements

In order to make sure our designers were on the same page, everyone used the same graphic elements in their designs. We had already begun working on the iconography for the website, so we decided on using the Streamline Icon Collection. For the icons, we used the outlined versions while the filled versions were being used for the the infographics. Unlike the iconography, we did not edit the physical icons in the pack, so the team had to use the Streamline icons alone, accompanied by original artwork , to represent larger graphical diagrams. The outcome displayed a custom concept that resonated with both HPE and HPE Security- Data Security.

Rebrand for HP

After Voltage was acquired by Hewlett Packard, a redesign of the website was required to adhere to their brand guidelines. Along with the website, we updated the graphic elements, including all icons and infographics.

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