Integrating RMA Tool Into Zendesk App

Neato was switching support teams, and wanted to continue using Zendesk for support. They wanted to be able to access account information. We made a widget for Zendesk support. This allowed them to access the info they asked for.

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SC Tech RMA Zendesk tool for Neato Robotics

The Challenge

Neato wanted one system to display account and robot details. They also wanted their support team to see if a customer accessed the app and to allow their team to change a user’s name and password. There were also many other requests they had for this system. We had to build it to suit their needs.

Our Approach

Knowing exactly what they wanted, our development team built a custom system to integrate the RMA tool into Zendesk. Our development team allowed for Returns Management Authorization tool and Zendesk to work together in the widget we made.

• Access account information

• Displays account and robot details

• Allows support team to see if the customer has accessed the app

• Allows support team to unsubscribe user from email newsletters

• Allows support team to send password reset to user's email

• Allows support team to Delete Account

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