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During Neato’s marketing campaigns, they often want to introduce a page that highlights a feature or product in the campaign. Utilizing the foundation we have in place for the Neato site, we can quickly create these pages, either from scratch or from a provided mock-up.

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Landing page showcasing Botvac Connected's Features


Winter 2016


Creative Design, Custom Website Design, Wireframing & Prototyping, Online Marketing, SEO - Search Engine Optimization


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The Challenge

We built unique landing pages for Neato’s Botvac Connected robot and the brand new Neato app. These pages were made according to design and SEO guidelines set by the Neato marketing team while maintaining the overall visual aesthetic of the website.

Our Approach

Our team built this site with scalability in mind, so the groundwork for creating these landing pages already exists within the frame of the site. The template is first created in HTML, then styled with CSS in accordance to a mock-up that is either created by us or delivered by Neato. Any additional PHP or JavaScript that would be necessary are added during the final stages of development.

Receiving the page concept

These landing pages improve SEO with deep, focused pages delivering the right content. We work with our clients to ensure that these pages are created, completed, QA’d, and approved quickly. These pages were no exception. With the launch of the Botvac Connected and Neato app approaching, their marketing team wanted these pages added quickly.

Once we received a mock-up, our team can quickly identify any potential issues or difficulties that we may face when implementing their idea. Once we have resolved these issues, we are able to begin development right away. If there are still resources that need to be delivered by a third-party, we are able to work on certain pieces of the page first to keep the project onĀ its timeline.

Coding the page

When we design and code the page, we use Bootstrap (an HTML, CSS, and JS framework), for a number of reasons. The most important of which is its responsive grid which utilizes scalable columns to construct dynamic layouts. This framework allows us to accommodate images, videos, and features that display well at any screen size while meeting design requirements from the mock-ups.

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