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Print collateral is necessary for businesses of all sizes to get the proper publicity they deserve. SCTG designed a series of print advertisements for clients that are interested in exploring a little more about our company. These, in particular, were designed with a similar branding style to that of our website but established a bit bolder presence to appeal to someone who might be interested in getting something comparable for their own company.

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November 2015


Creative Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Material Design, Strategy & Consulting, Copywriting


Website Design,

The Challenge

To create advertisements that resemble an extension of our website and branding style guidelines. These were also intended to get noticed in a public area which requires copy and graphic elements that stand out if arranged with other businesses’ collateral.

Our Approach

Being that two of the four colors (orange and aqua) used in our palette are very bright and bold, we wanted to utilize them in our advantage as material that would catch someone’s eye but not in an overkill fashion. Instead we displayed the colors artistically to present our audience with a more original concept that utilizes geometrical textures and depth to showcase a technology-based company cultivated in creativity.


SC Tech’s three-fold brochure was intended to be an eye catcher in terms of copy, graphics, and information. Our aim for the first page was to blend our core business model with graphic elements that represent our Southern California brand. Just like a book’s table of contents, the second page dives a little deeper into the main categories of work along with a mission statement declaring our companies vow to our clients.

The theme turns more business when fully opened up to all three pages in the middle. We describe thoroughly who we are, what we do, and the tools used to do it. We also give examples in the middle of the brochure with pictures of our most recent client examples.

Sales Flyer

The sales flyer is used for clients to take home a tangible reminder of all the services and tools we employ. It is normally given to a client upon the first meeting for any general questions they might have going into the discovery phase of their project.

This full page advertisement was also designed for client personal preference. Being that the brochure is an extension of the flyer, clients have the option to choose long form or short form. While some people like to explore as much information as possible, others prefer to skim everything on one piece of regular-sized paper.

Business Cards

Business cards are a staple when it comes to marketing collateral. They are the ultimate small leave behind that doesn’t pressure new possible clients. With that in mind, we wanted to embellish on the simplicity factor by using a clean style of design with a splash of the consistent bold color branding. This custom layout provides plenty of room to add a logo along with all the proper contact information.

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