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MotorWest performance specializes in fuel injection cleaning and calibration, and aftermarket performance parts manufacturing. Customers depend on MotorWest for their 15+ years experience in the auto repair industry. They service throttle body injectors, standard fuel injectors, and direct injection units.

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The Challenge

MotorWest Performance approached us for a redesign of their website. They had an existing site that was outdated and wanted us to build a responsive, content managed, eCommerce platform.

The main function of the site is a Product Finder WooCommerce plugin that allows users to select their car’s year, make, model, and engine type to find products available for their vehicle. This should be consistent throughout the site and synchronize product listings, inventory, and orders.

Our Approach

We installed Storefront – an official WooCommerce theme that offers deep integrations. This enabled us to help them set up their eCommerce website with ease.

We also paid a considerable amount of attention to detail to make the site easy to navigate. The result is a clean and modern website that is easier to navigate and accelerate conversions.


We always recommend clients take the extra step and have our team prepare wireframes prior to building their websites. It helps visualize the flow of content without getting distracted by photography or infographics.

We then use “Lorem Ipsum” text, which is Latin dummy text, so the client can focus on the layout before having to be concerned about the content being accurate. This makes it easier to look at the layout of the page and makes it easy to replace the text with the actual copy in an instant.



The Shop page

The shop page consists of an eCommerce shop. Before the product listings, there is a sorting field, followed by a list of available products. The Parts Filter and Product Categories are available on the right column for a faster way to find specific items or categories.

This layout creates a smooth transfer when viewing on any size device. It also makes the store easy to navigate, accelerating conversions. For instance, if someone is navigating through a certain product categories list, they might find another product that they would like to add to their cart. With simple UX like this, we’ve increased a user’s chance of purchasing more items than they originally intended to buy, thus increasing sales and conversions.

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