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Neato released five promotional advertisement videos upon the release of their new Botvac D Series bots. Given the nature of the bold and mildly dark marketing humor, SC Tech deemed it most appropriate to give each of these videos their own custom ad page with a hero that is designed to represent the actions that take place within each video.

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The Challenge

To create a different landing page where users can watch each advertisement on a custom-tailored page for that specific video. We had to create a universal theme for all pages, as well as 5 different responsive ‘heroes’ (essentially, a large page header) to match the video that displays on a modal that pops up over each page as they load.

Our Approach

Since we had proposed creating these pages for the advertisements to Neato Robotics, we wanted to make sure that they would reap all of the benefits of having this extra content on their site. SEO was an important factor in ensuring that these pages were beneficial towards the targeted audience. Our graphics team assembled to toss around creative ideas on how each page could effectively pay homage to the advertisement that it represented.

The Custom Heroes

Each of the ‘heroes’ keeps a consistent layout but with minor difference between the images and animated copy based on it’s associated video. For example, details like the floor surface, cat hair, clothes on the ground, glitter, etc. change based on which ad video is featured. Each video was then named as follows:


This hero was based off a grandma opening up a heart-felt card that she received in the mail from her grandchildren. As grandma opens the card to read the letter, a handful of glitter falls out as grandma screams a beeped out f-bomb. Neato then comes into the scene to clean the glitter.

Hippie Pinata

This hero is making fun of the Californian lifestyle by setting the scene at a young boy’s birthday party hosted by his hippie parents. Upon breaking the pinata, all the kids realize that its filled with sea weed crisps instead of candy. Neato comes to clean the damage.

House Sitter

This hero is based off a man returning to his home after a business trip to find his house sitter has brought along all her cats. After the man realizes there is about 50 cats in his living room, his allergies kick in so bad to the point where his whole face swells up and he passes out. Neato arrives.

One Night Strand

This hero is based off two adults that wake up in bed after a promiscuous night with their clothes all over the ground. The girl soon realizes the man she was with has an overly abundance amount of body hair. She then chokes on a piece of hair in her mouth as Neato comes to save the day.

Late Night Snack

This hero is based off a woman going to the fridge at night for a late snack. She looks in the fridge to find a piece of chocolate cake being the only thing that interests her. She immediately throws it in the trash and walks away only to run back into the scene to dig the cake back out and eat it furiously. Neato comes in to clean the crumbs that have been thrown all over the floor.

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