Neato Knows Cleaning Animation

Displaying the robot actions and trademarked product features are a large part of what Neato represents as a company. The SpinFlow™ Power CleanLaserSmart™ Mapping & NavigationD-Shape with CornerClever™, and Maximum Hair Pickup aspects are what separates Neato from the competition. We created individual pages that each have their own interactive animation that shows off these features.

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Product feature page

The Challenge

Our team had already created an animation for the ‘Robot Vacuums’ page for Neato Robotics, which acts as a page that displays all of their products. We wanted to create a set of pages for each of the robot’s unique features to showcase the inner workings of their product and give users a more thorough explanation of certain features.

Our Approach

We proposed the idea to Neato about expanding these trademarked features to the site. Neato’s engineers designed their bots with distinguishable actions that other robot vacuums fall short of. Having an extension of these features helps the customer further understand the product, while also boosting SEO results for Neato Robotics.

Trademarked Product Feature Pages

Four different pages were created to showcase each feature in action. The SpinFlow™ Power Clean robot comes down from the top of the page cleaning up cheerios in its path. The LaserSmart™ Mapping & Navigation robot is stationary on the page with a red laser spinning around the turret reading its surroundings. The D-Shape with CornerClever™ also comes from the top of the page ending itself nestled tightly in a crown molding corner. Finally, the robot on the Maximum Hair Pickup page appears from the top, picking up pet hair before stopping at the head of the page.

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