Reseller Form

Neato Robotics wanted to create a way for potential resellers to contact them about selling their products. We used the API for the email marketing service in order to connect Neato with retail distributors.

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Reseller form using Mandrill to integrate with MailChimp

The Challenge

Some APIs can be a challenge to work with. Neato is using MailChimp as their email marketing service. We set up integrations for our reseller form using Mandrill, a transactional email API for MailChimp.

Our Approach

Using the Mandrill PHP API Client, we created a form that accepts information from users that fill in the inputs with their contact information and details about their business.

Integrating MailChimp using Mandrill

On Neato’s website, we used WordPress to manage content and Bootstrap for the structure. The reseller form page is a custom WordPress template page that uses Bootstrap to display a form to the user. Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework for developing a responsive website. We used HTML with Bootstrap classes, as well as custom CSS (using SASS, a CSS extension language), to build the reseller form page.

Neato uses MailChimp as their email marketing service, allowing them to create automated email campaigns and receive emails from users that submit completed forms. The form is submitted to MailChimp using a transactional email API called Mandrill. Mandrill allows for us to accept the information from users and submit it to MailChimp, which then handles providing the information to Neato via email.

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