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HPE Security – Data Security (Voltage) has a large catalog of resources that they offer to their customers to provide information on their products and services. We created an archive of these collateral, webcast, and video resources that provided an effective interface allowing users to locate what they are looking for.

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April 2015


Web & Mobile Development, Custom Wordpress Sites, Custom Programming


Data Protection,
Information Technology

The Challenge

Create an archive of collateral that is easily accessible for customers as well as providing them with the information that they are searching for. Each item must be categorized, and each category requires it’s own archive of corresponding collateral items.

Our Approach

Use WordPress Custom Post Types to store resource information and display them on the front-end of the site. Each item is created in the back-end of WordPress and saved to database tables created in MySQL by WordPress. The data is accessible via WordPress functions in PHP to display content on the Front-End that we develop.

Resources Provided

The collateral, webcasts, and videos are valuable to both current and potential customers because they provide technical information relating to their products and services. The collateral consists of Data Sheets, White Papers, Case Studies, and more.

This information is especially important for HPE Security – Data Security because they are in the data security industry. Data security customers have to trust the companies that provide them service. These summaries of performance and technical characteristics of the products help build trust with customers.

We created a custom post type in WordPress, as well as a custom taxonomy, to store and categorize the documents. On the site, there would be an archive of each collateral item, which would be added to WordPress as a post and tagged with the category. This allowed us to create a front-end environment that is simple to operate and provides a dynamic interface for customers to find the resources that they are looking for.

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