Smart Home Feature Availability

Neato offers multiple solutions for using their products with smart home products. These are unique features that they want to show off. Therefore, there should be a link to this page in the navigation. This makes it easier for users to access and shows visitors the importance of this section.

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Neato Robotics Smart Home Page


Winter 2017


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The Challenge

We need to show which features are available to Neato’s customers. This can be hard because they sell in many countries. Neato lets us know where each feature is available. We make sure that the features only display if they are available in the visitor’s area.

Our Approach

First, we set the structure. We do this by choosing what information will display, and how it will display. Then we set the things that need to be dynamic. This means showing what is available in each country, and which of their products work with each feature.

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