SmartWatch & Coverage Map Featurette

When Neato Robotics released an app for the Apple Watch, they wanted to get the word out. Neato became the first robotic vacuum company to ship with smartwatch support. We got the opportunity to help them share the news with visitors to their website.

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Smartwatch Featurette

The Challenge

When you’re creating content for a company that is pushing the boundaries of their industry, you have to make sure that what you make amplifies the significance of the information.

Our Approach

We needed to make sure that people see an image of the Apple Watch to make the connection. While we wanted to showcase the new smartwatch feature, we also wanted to include an iPhone to show off all of the smart device features that Neato has made available.

Creating the SmartWatch Feature

Our team began by preparing image assets. We were sent an image of an iPhone with the Neato app open, an iPhone with the Coverage map feature from the Neato App, an Apple Watch running their smartwatch app, and the “Neato Knows” logo, which was the title of their marketing campaign at the time.

Once we got those images ready, we built the structure of the feature with HTML and applied some CSS styles. Then, we entered the copy that they sent us. We then prepared that copy and sent it to translators. After we received it back we did a final Quality Assurance audit before presenting it to Neato for approval.

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