Software Update for Multiple Floor Plans

Sometimes when Neato updates the software on their robot vacuums they release new features that they would like to promote. With the Botvac D7 Connected 4.2 update, those robots would now save floor plans on multiple floors. This means that it can differentiate between upstairs and downstairs.

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Multiple Floor Plans Software Update

The Challenge

Adding new promo material to the website is a common occurrence. We have already had many similar situations. The challenge for us is adding the new content to the site in a way that Neato appreciates in a timely matter.

Our Approach

Our team is great at quickly responding to any requests from Neato. Once we receive the work order, we delegate the tasks and get to work. The team quickly got to work cropping and optimizing images, adding translated copy, and posting a new press release.

eCommerce Addition and Software Update

After the eCommerce update, Neato was given the unique opportunity to sell their robot vacuums and accessories directly to customers. With the launch of this new update to the Botvac D7 Connected, they also began selling charge base’s so customers could have multiple charging bases on multiple floors.

So, besides just sharing the news of the new update, we also had to make the charging base purchasable on the website. We have added accessories in the past, so this was simple. Also, with the way we set up their eCommerce platform, making it available to buy was as easy as plugging in a few data points.

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