Software Update Instructional Videos

After we had finished creating the software update wizard for Neato Robotics, we thought it could use short instructional videos to demonstrate the steps of updating a robot.

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Neato Robotics Software Update Instructional Videos


Summer 2016


Robotics, Home Cleaning

The Challenge

The camera work we have done in-house prior to this project was all photography, so this was the first time we shot video content for a client. We had to make sure the set was ideal for recording video, and that the file settings on the camera would translate well to HTML5 video. We then also had to decide on the best way to display the videos in the software update wizard.

Our Approach

Once we had to studio adjusted for shooting video, we adjusted the lighting to be less bright than the lighting we had been using for photography projects. We shot multiple takes of each action, sometimes from multiple angles, so we could decide which takes work best during editing. The result was more than enough footage to work with, making the editing process

Instructional Videos

Utilizing our studio for product photography, we suggested shooting videos and screenshots detailing each step of the process. After a few shoots to make the videos just right, we were able to create a narrative with the instructions and the video; often providing an example for both Mac and PC.

Samples From The Video Shoot

Recording the videos

We had informed Neato that we had all of the tools necessary to create these videos and received their approval to create them. Our team set up the backdrop, lighting and camera and filmed and edited these videos within a single day. Neato had some revisions to ensure that the process is shown properly and is easy to follow along with. The final product was content we had created for, and implemented on, the website for Neato Robotics.

Because our team created, edited, and implemented the content in-house, the process was quick, efficient, and cost-effective. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality work efficiently for our clients.

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