Spring Cleaning Blog

Upon the release of Neato’s first website redesign, they created a spring cleaning blog – the very first blog on their site. They had an idea of how they wanted it styled along with the images to correspond to each blog section. We proposed topping it off with a custom illustration hero that would grab a readers attention instantaneously.

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Spring cleaning blog


Spring 2015


Creative Design, Graphic Design


Home Cleaning

The Challenge

To publish the very first blog about cleaning tips from experts on Neato’s new redesigned website. This involved not only publishing their content, but also creating an original hero graphic to coincide with the content. The graphic had to represent Neato’s fun and quirky personality along with showing a general sense of cleanliness.

Our Approach

After laying out the content that Neato supplied, SC Tech designed a simple hero graphic that showed subtle dimension. With it’s title emphasizing expert cleaning tips, we showed a hand cleaning the hero feature and showing a perfectly cleaned illustrated landscape in the area.

Graphic Intention

Our intention with this hero is to showcase a nice pop of color and subtle dimension in a two-dimensional plane. We wanted to take clean design literally by displaying an image of someone wiping over the grey hero feature with a wiper to unveil a clean perspective. The sparkles were added lastly conveying that the perspective could also represent a window.

The title of the blog was white and we wanted to display it large and in the hero to bring more attention to the blog in general. We feel tactics like this keep a reader interested to continue reading rather then bouncing off to something new.


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