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After struggling to find an adequate third-party alternative, Neato asked us to develop an extensive Support Center that would display all of the support assets they offer their customers. To accomplish this, we developed an entirely new Support Center within WordPress that was both easy to use and robust.

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The Challenge

Create a sophisticated, deep, and user-friendly Support Center that will house a variety of different types of resources. The system needed to give Neato control over many aspects of the articles and resources they had available. They wanted to be able to hide certain articles from certain markets, enable different documents depending on the language of the site, and allow customers to rate if articles are helpful or not.

Our Approach

We used a custom post type, custom taxonomies, and custom fields to create a system within WordPress that would accomplish all of Neato’s needs and fit seamlessly within their current website.

Original Wordpress & WPML Support Center

There are many benefits to creating an extensive collection of posts and resources within WordPress; however, there are still some limitations. In order to accomplish the multilingual functionality required, we integrated the new system with WPML, which we were already using to translate the website into 8 different languages. Like many companies, Neato outsources its translations to keep their online and printed material synchronized. We worked hand-in-hand  with these third parties to ensure that we were able to provide all the answers and information to Neato customers around the world.



Our Goals

Customers expect certain visual cues when looking for support articles. Sidebars, article lists, and content sliders were used to organize content and present the customer with a familiar way to find articles related to the specific issue they are having trouble with. They also provide information related to the products themselves, such as warranty information and user guides.

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