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XYPRO is an industry leader for complex security needs. Companies that manage and transport business-critical data on a large scale utilize XYPRO’s security solutions and services to help improve their HPE NonStop server environments and enhance the jobs of those who operate them.

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The Challenge

Redesigned and reorganize their current website in a similar way to how we redesigned the HPE Security – Data Security, one of their corporate partners. XYPRO offers a wide array of security products and they wanted them presented to the user in a way that was easy to digest. They also wanted to be able to easily make updates to the site as they continue to develop their product line and content.

Our Approach

We immediately started organizing the products into categories with the help of XYPRO. To give each category a distinct look and feel, we use distinct colors and icons for all 6 categories.

Using WordPress, we made the back-end very simple to add content for future use. XYPRO wanted a system that could make it easy to add resources like blogs, news, and events. We developed a simple way for them to input and archive all this content along with displaying it dynamically in several areas throughout the site.

Website Development

The previous site was busy and confusing to navigate through. We took care of this by relocating the products into an interactive slideshow that showcased the new color and icon based organization.

Their previous site was designed only for desktop screens which was affecting usability and their SEO rankings. For the new site, we built around the Bootstrap responsive framework to ensure the site would look great on desktop and mobile devices. The majority of the original content was reused but with a fresh new look. To improve SEO, we made sure to give as much content their own URLs as we could, to ensure they had dense pages with relevant content with their own listings on search engines.



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